Google my Business est une fiche gratuite qui vous permet d’apparaître sur Google Maps et dans la recherche Google, afin de rendre votre établissement plus visible localement, soit en tapant son nom, soit par le secteur d’activité.

Google My Business is a free listing that allows users to appear on Google Maps and in Google search, rendering your business more visible locally. If someone wants to find your business, they just have to type the name or industry of your company.

Google My Business is set to gain speed in the coming years and its features have evolved a lot over the last few months. Here is a little look into Google My Business’s various uses and how you can optimize your listing to get more traffic and increase your conversions.

We compiled a list of the main features you need to understand in order to get the most out of this tool:

Creating your Google My Business listing

Any business that wants to be optimized in their local market needs to create a Google My Business listing. If you haven’t already created one, you can do so here:

Creating your listing is simple, you just have to follow the instructions and enter the information requested: address, phone number, website, opening hours, pictures, etc.


Google My Business chat

google my business

Are you an entrepreneur that wants to be reached anytime, anywhere? Does your website have a chat function? If you want to make yourself accessible, you can activate this feature on the dashboard on Google My Business. Just enter your cell phone number and set the text that will be displayed when the chat box opens for your users.

google mon entreprise

This feature is instantly displayed on the search engine with your listing with a “send an SMS”.

texto google maps

When a visitor sends you a message, you will get a text message with their number and you can reply to them directly. This is what is displayed on the user side:

chat google maps

Add a call to action from Google results with the Posts feature

Are you organizing an event? Are you having a sale? Do you want to direct your users to a specific page on your site? The posts feature will allow you to do all of this. You can also find it on the dashboard or the left side menu.

Enter a title, a description of 100 to 300 words, a picture, a call to action button and that’s it. Your post will display instantly on your company listing in the search results.

Add a direct link for making an appointment

If one of your conversion goals is appointment scheduling, you should post a direct link to your contact page or the appointment scheduling form.

To activate this feature, just go to “information” in the Google My Business menu and fill in the “URL to make an appointment” section.

google mon entreprise rdv

Create Adwords express ads using your business’ listing

Undoubtedly, Google My Business is a business too. This tool, created by the search engine giant, is designed to promote the use of Google Adwords by companies. There is currently an SEO test underway in the United States relating to small local businesses: plumbers, electricians, etc. that drive companies to become “Google certified plumbers”, for example. To be continued…


What is the key to being optimized for search engines on Google My Business?

How do you set yourself apart from the many other “Montréal plumbers” that are listed in Google My Business? While there are too many criteria to list here, we have nonetheless highlighted some we think are really important:

  • Your average rating is at least 4 stars on 5 in positive reviews
  • Having a good amount of reviews is pivotal. And we don’t mean just the reviews from your employees or friends. If the reviews are detailed and use keywords that are relevant to your industry (“I had a really good experience with this printing company”, “the prints were perfect”…), it will help your ranking.
  • You confirmed your location
  • You have entered the appropriate categories in Google My Business to describe your business.
  • Your listing gets a good click rate on your website or the “call us” button
  • Listing history: seniority date, frequency of reviews posted…
  • Keywords relating to the product / service searched for by the user in the company’s name on its Google My Business listing
  • You update your information regularly (think of the posts feature!)

Now you’re all set to increase your conversions using Google My Business. All that’s left to do is log into your account!