Symfony : Kaliop’s expertise


More than 80% of Internet sites use PHP. Developed by a French company, Sensiolabs, Symfony has established itself as the PHP framework reference on a global scale.
This customized development solution makes it possible to implement a powerful, adaptable and personalized system. At Kaliop, we use Symfony (version from 2 to 4), to benefit from powerful and reliable tools to meet your digital needs, while delivering a scalable product.

CMS market leaders use Symfony


Many open source CMS choose to integrate PHP Symfony framework. This is the case with eZ Publish 5 and Drupal 8.

This synergy helps to facilitate the interoperability of these applications but also to bring greater coherence to the teams’ development skills.

Maintainability, scalability, security

Symfony can meet your most demanding needs for web projects. Being object-oriented, Symfony lets you build more powerful applications.

  • MVC architecture (model – view – controller)
  • Security management is an essential element of application development. Symfony prevents the most common risks: SQL injection, CSRF attacks, XSS attacks
  • Professional SOA architecture around the Dependency Injection Container component
  • Object relational mapping (ORM)
  • Extensibility thanks to bundles

Which projects is Symfony used for?


Symfony is designed for customizable projects or needs, and longevity.

  • Structural technological base for digital transformation projects
  • High traffic e-business platform
  • CMS projects with a large share of specific business needs
  • Custom PHP application

The community advantage

Symfony also has an active community that uses and contributes to the framework.

    • 300,000 developers
    • 120 countries
    • 2,000 contributors
    • More than 2,000 bundles (Symfony functional extensions)