Kaliop &eZ Platform


6 awards, 1st integrator, +70 developers and eZ consultants

Who is eZ Platform for?


  • Media sites : or high traffic sites with a high volume of content for traditional press and digital media.
  • Brand and corporate image: sites aimed at clients to promote a brand, product or service.
  • Intranet and online portals: company portals offering controlled access to content, services and applications.
  • E-commerce: personalized sites that create value, from the discovery of a product to its delivery.
  • Native applications and the Internet of things: content that is transmitted on mobiles, native applications but also on connected devices (watches…).
  • Social media and collaborative sites: for applications and sites that lead users to share, enrich and discuss.

Multi and cross channel solutions to increase your digital presence


Offer the right content, at the right time, to the right people.

  • Manage multiple sites from a centralized administration
  • Transmit content or media via numerous channels (web / mobile / mobile applications / smartTV).
  • Personalize content and navigation on channels to increase audience engagement.
  • Conduct a multilingual strategy (symmetrical, asymmetrical or a mix of the 2 approaches, more than one hundred languages, Latin or non-Latin).
  • Analyze traffic and measure performance of content strategy.



When content is one of the most valuable elements of your business model, your content platform needs to be as secure as it is for online transactions. While security measures are generally designed to deal with external threats (viruses, hacking), leaks or unauthorized access to certain types of content can lead to a security breach. With the eZ Publish role-based administration system, contributors only access the features and content they are permitted to use.

Optimize your content strategy


eZ Platform lets you monitor, personalize and optimize content and engage your visitors:

  • Recommendation system: better user experience, improved SEO and lower bounce rates by exploiting your visitor’s experience in order to offer them content that is personalized in real time.
  • eZ LiveViewer helps you better understand your audience and optimize your traffic.
  • Marketing automation: boost lead generation.