To serve you best, we put your users (visitors, clients and consumers) at the heart of our approach, right up to the design phase. By designing a website with the goal of satisfying the needs and expectations of your customers, we will ensure the success of your company.

Why integrate UX in your web project?


Good user experience is needed to attract, convert and retain your audience. Optimizing UX improves the visual perception of your offer and your company, and in turn, increases your conversion rate, whether it’s with a purchase or call to action. Moreover, if your user enjoys browsing your website or application, they will spend more time there and will be more likely to come back.

Customer journey


Kaliop Canada works with you to design custom digital interfaces that are focused on performance. The methods we use aim to increase your visits and improve conversion or retention rate, whether it’s for an E-commerce platform, mobile application or corporate site.

Responsive web design


Our web agency creates reading, interactive and shopping experiences that are smooth and enjoyable, whether it’s on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. This requires information architecture that is understandable, features that are accessible on all devices, a user experience that triggers positive emotions, and let’s not forget loading speed.

Ergonomics audit


An ergonomics or experience audit can solve many issues, including an E-commerce website that gets traffic but doesn’t convert, users who can’t find the information they are looking for easily, and information architecture that isn’t easy to understand. The ergonomics audit performed by one of our UX experts will identify the elements that impact the experience offered by your site or application. By analyzing this information, we will better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your site. The goal of this audit is to remove obstacles that hinder ergonomics and to analyze the value proposition, marketing elements, personas and, ultimately, the ability of your site to transform a visitor into a buyer. Ideally, this service should be coupled with an SEO audit and a technical audit of you site.

User centric



Design sprint: the power of collaboration

This method, based on collaboration between client teams and the agency, makes it possible to validate solutions aimed at solving specific issues: verifying new features, finding unexpected and/or new solutions, and preventing potentially costly errors. Design sprint is handy if: you need to find a solution quickly, you need to solve one or more significant problems, or you want internal experts to agree on a solution.

A design sprint is led by a facilitator (the agency’s UX director) and takes place over a “5-phase period”: understand > explore > decide > prototype > test.



Wireframes make it possible to quickly visualize all of the interfaces (zones, information hierarchy, interactions and features) of your future website or mobile application. Without any artistic direction, these models are simply a “raw plan” based on strategic analyses and recommendations, as well as UX and SEO best practices (ergonomics, usability, referencing, etc.). Then comes the graphic mockups stage.

UI design


At Kaliop, digital design is not limited to the aesthetic. It is also, and above all else, based on the rational choices established in advance, and takes into account brand image, strategy, and the existing technical needs. Many prototyping tools have appeared in recent years. At Kaliop, we use Axure for wireframes and Sketch for graphic models.



Information architecture is a crucial element when it comes to creating or redesigning a website. It makes it possible to structure your information intelligently. The truth is that bad information architecture is a common irritant: redundancy, overload, unclear information, etc.

Our information architecture techniques will allow us to detect defects in structure so that we can improve the browsing comfort of your users, as well as organic referencing on your website.

User tests


In user-centered design, user testing or usability testing is a method that ensures that the interfaces offered are adapted to your target customers. These tests are performed by the UX designer and validate several elements – information architecture, navigation, features and content, by having them be tested by users. How can testing interfaces before launching help? In doing so, you can save on development and design costs, validate the information transmitted to users, reduce the risk of irritants, and ensure that the interfaces meet the needs of your target audience, to name a few.

Proud partner of soirées TLMUX


Kaliop Canada is involved with the UX community in Montreal. We are a partner of the soirées TLMUX, an event that brings together UX enthusiasts to discuss and develop user experience (UX) practices. Every two months, conferences and case studies on different themes are presented: CX, virtual reality, voice design and more.

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