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Our experts can point you toward solutions that will help boost your natural referencing: SEO modules or extensions, content strategy, local SEO and more. We know that this field is evolving all the time and at a rapid pace, so we make it a priority to be on the lookout for the latest industry trends so that we can adapt to what SEO means in 2018: algorithms, progress with artificial intelligence, rising use of voice assistants, and the connection between user experience and natural referencing, just to name a few.

SEO and SEM: what’s the difference?


Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which encompasses all the actions involved in paid referencing (Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.), natural referencing (SEO) is free traffic. But truth be told, many Internet users won’t click on links beyond the first few results produced by the search engine. That’s why it’s essential that you have a strategy that emphasizes using keywords appropriately, and places product names or wording that is most representative of your industry, so you end up at the top of search engines like Google.
Moreover, natural referencing results in more qualified traffic: the conversion and commitment rate is, on average, twice as high compared to other acquisition channels.
To ensure that you get results that are advantageous for your organization, we will work both on the technical optimization of your website (on-site SEO) and the popularity of your domain name (off-site SEO).


Kaliop Canada: your SEO experts in Montreal


Our web agency’s team is made up of SEO experts in Montreal. Unlike many web agencies, we believe in managing your natural referencing in-house, meaning that we don’t outsource SEO to external providers. We don’t use so-called “black hat” SEO techniques that could harm your reputation or your natural referencing over the long-term. Our experts are well-known in the SEO field and are often asked to share their experiences and knowledge. High traffic sites such as Protégez-vous Magazine have trusted us to guide them in the continual progression of their natural traffic.
To address your company’s needs properly, we offer a wide variety of professional services.

SEO Audit


Is your site not generating the visibility that you had anticipated? Do you feel that your Google SEO could be improved? Or maybe your natural referencing is no longer progressing or has simply declined and you want to understand why.
A comprehensive and detailed SEO audit can be carried out to identify block points and provide concrete recommendations that you could implement to further improve your SEO results. This would include site performance (loading speed, log analysis, urls, code, etc.), technical optimizations, page content analysis, analysis of external links, and more.

Website migration and SEO


Website redesign is a tricky thing when it comes to SEO. That is why you need to consider your SEO long before your site goes live: you won’t lose existing content and you can improve it at the same time. One of the main objectives of migration is to direct more traffic to your site.
Our consulting department will guide you through the various stages of the redesign: migration plan, redirection, content to be optimized, technical points and so on. By examining each of these stages, your migration is sure to be a success.

Keyword study

Once we have verified that no block element will impact your natural SEO, it’s important to study the keywords that are used to build the content of your pages, both in terms of technical elements and editorial factors. Keywords should be selected based on the monthly volume generated on search engines and the relevance to your targets. Our goal is not only to increase your traffic, but to bring you qualified traffic via your pages’ content, while promoting the conversion of your visitors into customers.

Recommendations for SEO-optimized content

When designing your website, we ensure that your website follows good SEO practices and that the content is optimized for natural SEO. Our web agency values customer autonomy and can provide you with a recommendation report for any teams that manage content development for your website or E-commerce platform. In doing so, you will ensure that your traffic follows a regular curve and continues to receive consistent traffic.

Defining KPIs and measuring objectives

Our web agency is Google Partners certified and has Google Analytics certified experts. Our experienced professionals will help you define and select key performance indicators (KPIs). The actions put into place to achieve these objectives will then be monitored, analyzed and measured to determine their level of efficacy and make adjustments if necessary.

SEO training

Are you looking to be more autonomous with your natural referencing? Kaliop Canada is an accredited Training Organization. Our certified experts share their experience through customized training sessions. These training programs can also be presented to non-technical teams: content creators and sales or marketing teams. We offer several different specializations: Optimized SEO writing for the web, Referencing an E-commerce website using Magento 1 and 2, Referencing for WordPress, SEO for the beginner, intermediate and advanced user and more. Feel free to contact us for more information.

seo formateur

Optimizing for voice search


In 2020, more than half of all requests will be vocal. You will have to be adept with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana. Voice referencing is slightly different than written referencing in terms of technique. We are proficient with voice referencing and voice design referencing.



At Kaliop Canada, SEO experts work closely with the UX experts. We see these two disciplines as being complementary. In this way, we can offer the best possible experience to your users. Since the most recent changes to algorithms, we know that visitor satisfaction plays a large role in the positioning of your pages.

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