Marketing culture : Reaching objectives


Kaliop is committed to serving organizations and companies that want to use the digital transformation as a way of increasing their visibility, maximizing their Internet sales and conquering new parts of the market.

We’re technologically agnostic

At Kaliop, we believe that technology is a means through which a business can attain its goals, a facilitator that gives a company the power to engage with its customers and maintain a solid relationship with them.


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2 certifications : Inbound  and design

analytics certification

Google Analytics

We are Google Analytics certified

magento 2


Certification Magento 2.

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PIM Akeneo

Silver partner

Empathy is an intrinsic part of all our accomplishments

Whether it’s in designing a management tool, developing a marketing strategy or creating new interfaces, we are committed to understanding each organization, its customer, its context and its specific goals.

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