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Our references : Tourisme Laurentides, April, Société du vieux port de Montréal…

A rich and powerful ecosystem


Drupal’s greatest asset: its community of several thousand users and developers. This very active community makes it possible to benefit from security updates, new features with new modules, numerous themes, tutorials and more.
Specialized since being created for open source CMS, Kaliop Canada uses the best modules available to ensure the long-term viability of your project and to guarantee its secure application.

Drupal, your web project accelerator


Using Drupal is also an effective way to reduce the time-to-market of your web project. Essentially, Drupal has a reduced core that allows developers to graft the necessary functional modules and base them on your business needs.
These modules all stem from the ​Acquia Drupal marketplace.​
Our experts will be able to evaluate the specific needs of your project and guide you in the choice and integration of the modules.

Drupal 8


This new version of Drupal respects today’s biggest trends: mobility, accessibility, and multilingualism. Drupal 8 standardizes the way it was designed by focusing on object-oriented programming, relying on Symfony and PHP framework which are very popular with the dynamic community and used in almost 75% of our developments.
Kaliop Canada is specialized in developing web projects using Symfony (version 2 and 3) and is affiliated with Sensiolabs. Drupal 8 also offers more than 200 new features compared to Drupal 7. Among its main evolutions, we note that Drupal 8 was designed to be responsive. This version is a clear improvement on the multilingual management, facilitating the internationalization of your sites. The Drupal core modules (Views, CKEditor…) are now part of the Drupal core.

Which projects is Drupal used for?

Drupal is most effective for projects with one or more of the following elements:

pim akeneo

Projects with short delivery deadlines

gestion information produits

Perimeters making it possible to exploit pre-existing modules/themes

picto- croissance

Projects with very powerful functional perimeters