Augmented reality is an interactive experience that bridges the digital world with our physical reality. By using the latest technology, we can create a new user experience. This means we can generate virtual versions of each of your products to create an immersive experience for your customers. 

logo Kaliop ar

As a proof of concept, we made an augmented reality logo compatible with Apple’s new AR Quick Look (modeled in Blender and build with Xcode). It works on iPhone 8 and above as well as on the latest iPads. The following icon indicates if your Apple device supports AR:

Find this icon on our homepage and test our interactive demo

Up to now, AR can be integrated in mobile apps as well as in websites. Mobile apps have a slight advantage because they have direct access to native functionalities. Cross-platform solutions for implementing AR on IOS and Android for the web are still in development. 

That being said, augmented reality proposes new opportunities to create interactive experiences that are becoming more accessible to everyone. Interacting with reality through our electronic devices is changing our online behaviour.